Good Place. Good Food.

A Really Good Place to Eat In the City of Chicago

Discover the Good Atmosphere of Chicago.

Experience the vibrant pulse of Chicago University’s campus, where diversity, creativity, and academic excellence converge to foster a truly dynamic and inclusive atmosphere. Chicago’s lively community and rich cultural tapestry provide the perfect backdrop for intellectual exploration and personal growth.

Good Vibes
In total 650m² of hand-crafted decor, mix of styles and colors.
Cozy Place

Nestled within the bustling cityscape, NYU’s cozy corners offer solace and warmth, inviting students to unwind and immerse themselves in a tranquil haven amidst the urban buzz. From tucked-away study nooks to inviting cafés, the university’s intimate spaces provide a sanctuary for reflection and relaxation.

Relax Atmosphere
Take refuge in our exclusive haven of greenery and away from the crowds. Live music and performances every Friday night!

Signature Menu

Indulge in Chicago’s signature menu, where culinary innovation meets tradition, serving up a delectable fusion of flavors that captivate the palate and celebrate the diverse tastes of Chicago City. From iconic classics to bold experiments, each dish reflects the university’s vibrant spirit and commitment to excellence in every bite.

Meet The Team of Chicago's University

Meet our dedicated team at Chicago, where passion, expertise, and collaboration converge to drive innovation and excellence in every endeavor. From accomplished faculty to ambitious students, together we form a diverse and dynamic community committed to shaping the future.


What They Say

"I'm a discerning foodie, and I can confidently say that this restaurant is a standout in the New York dining scene. The attention to detail in every aspect – from the menu selection to the plating – is evident, and the result is a dining experience that exceeds expectations. It's no wonder this place has become my go-to spot for a memorable meal."
Emma Odinson
"I've dined at many restaurants in the area, but none compare to the quality and hospitality of this establishment. Every visit feels like a culinary adventure, with each dish expertly crafted and presented with care. Whether I'm craving comfort food or craving something adventurous, this restaurant never fails to impress."
Dian Annakin
"I recently celebrated my birthday at this restaurant, and it was an unforgettable experience. The staff went above and beyond to make the evening special, from decorating the table to surprising me with a personalized dessert. The food was outstanding, and the ambiance was perfect for celebrating with friends and family.
Kyle Smith


2257 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60647

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